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Medium range, low power, wireless transceiver

Few months ago I was thinking about a security system for my car that will allow to receive notification when my car is parked near my house. Requirements where: minim 700m communication range power consumption as low as possible that will allow to run at least 10 days from car battery without discharging battery so

Hash table (data structure)

“Hash tables” are one type of data structure, they are good at storing data in sets made up of “keys” and “values”. As an example let’s imagine the data in the next table storead as an array: We prepare few boxes for the array and stored data in them. Next let’s imagine looking up Stefan’s

Programming Books

I’m working as a developer for about 4 years, I have started by doing freelance in university ( I don’t count those years as years of experience – I was doing a lot of stuff with different technologies but didn’t used any of them deep ). I have read some books about programing, but in

MetalIO practical usage

About 1 year ago I have published on, the MetalIO project. It’s a project for enthusiasts who are passionated about home automation – you can write this project on a simple ESP8266 micro controller, do all the configuration from your mobile phone without need to install any special application. Also a very important aspect

It’s All In The Timing: Timing Attacks

As a developer with an interest in security; every once in a while I learn of a new vulnerability that is so insidious and so clever it makes my hair stand on end. Today it’s timing attacks. This post oversimplifies many concepts. If security is an issue for your app (and if you handle client

Strategy Pattern

1. Capcanele care apar la Mostenire și Compozitie Mostenirea este un principiu de baza al OOP, utilizănd mosteneria ai posibilitate sa extinzi comportamentul unui obiect. Dacă un Urs este un Mamifer, vom extinde clasa Mamifer pentru a crea clasa Urs, este comod și util pentru reutilizarea codului, problema apare atunci când moștenirea este utilizată prea

Nginx/Apache redirect based on User Agent

I have built a web application with AngularJs2, when I tried to share one of my page with my Facebook friends, I’d paste the link into the status update box and hope to see my page scrapped and information from OpenGraph protocol used, but unfortunately I saw: The reason it looks so bad is that

Clean Code

Rules from current article were written by Robert C. Martin, you can find all Clean code rules in his book: Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship G1: Multiple Languages in One Source File Today’s modern programming environments make it possible to put many different languagesinto a single source file. For example, a Java


MetalIO l-am scris atunci când am dorit să am în casă un bec pe care să îl pot controla de la telefonul mobil. Am întâmpinat o serie de probleme cu soluțiile existente atunci când am făcut planul despre cum de la un sigur bec vreau să pot controla mai multe în casă. După asta am

Terminal news reader

Petrec zilnic aproximativ 4 ore în terminal, iar pentru a nu deschide browserul și a căuta ceva de citit, utilizez “newsbeuter” direct din terminal. E destul de comod și îmi permite în timp scurt să găsesc ceva interesat din lista de persoane pe care le urmăresc. Am publicat pe o lista cu linkuri bună