You should speak about the stuff you do

As an engineer often I hear from other people that stuff I do is too complex for others to be understood and it shouldn’t be presented to a larger audience (of course I refere to an audience that has direct connections to that thing) – sometimes they offer to help make it less complex or in other cases I felt disappointed and started to speak less and not make it public.

Now when looking back I realize that keeping your mouth is an incorrect approach especially when you are presenting to technical people, even if they are less technical but working in a technical environment they should strive to understand it. It is totally correct that stuff should be explained as simple as possible, API’s should be descriptive and user friendly but at the same time isn’t correct to hide the work you do.

Observed this a long time ago (during public events like hackathons) but recently started to understand that there are people that are taking advantages based on their ability to talk more than others, usually engineers talk less and tend to understand better, sometimes even small changes are complicated and have a big impact.

I don’t consider it a correct or a good thing when including complicated words in a speach makes it more appealing to the public but the speaker isn’t a professional in that area, speak less complicated but be confident that you own that stuff.

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