S3Fuse Java

S3Fuse allows you to mount an S3 bucket to your local storage and interact with it like it was stored into your local storage. It is written in Java and it will be published to my github account soon.

It allows to read data from S3 but it is not possible yet to write data back. Content is lazy loaded and it reads file metadata from S3 bucket (file size, file name, creation date …).

It can be used when your application already knows how to process data from local storage and you don’t want to bother with S3 integration. Or for example you may want to expose a S3 bucket content to your clients but you want to display another reality for them – rename or hide specific files, or even change some content in file before it is displayed.

Full code example that you have to run in order to mount an S3 bucket to your File System:

Video presentation:

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