Home built water board ( surfing board )

[:en]After about 3 failed attempts to build a waterboard (surfing board) in previous years, finally I built a board that can carry us and can be used for some fun. Further you can find some pictures and details about how the board was build.

Materials used:

  1. 2x10cm rough Foam ( height 2.4 m, length 60cm )
  2. 2x6cm rough Foam ( height 2.4 m, length 60cm )
  3. 8x – 7cm width and 1m length and 1.5cm thickness, oak board
  4. 8x8mm screws and 6x5mm screws

Using wood board and screws, both foam type where connected together:


Then using nichrome wire connected to ~40v and 25A we have cute the foam:

Then I have made the rope and handle:

After testing prototype, I have applied 3mm liquid rubber on top of board:


Here is the result:


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