Comoda Installer

I want to show you my last application made for Comoda SRL. This application is made to simplify process of downloading/installing applications on your computer and it is free for personal use.

Process of downloading and installing multiple applications is reduced to selected apps that you want to install from Comoda website and click install.


When you click on “Install” button, instantly will start the download process of ComodaInstaller.exe . Run it, and it will install all the selected applications on the site:


You can check one more time the programs you need by selecting them in that list. When it’s done, click on the “Install All” button, and the application will start automatically to download the programs, and install them


After download is finished, ComodaInstaller will start installing process of selected applications.

Also, ComodaInstaller will be with you all time, if you need to install other application – simple run ComodaInstaller from tray with double click on Comoda logo, and it can be closed by right clicking on it, and select the Exit button:


If you want to send feedback to Comoda SRL you can use send using feedback window:


On About window you can see version and that application is made for Comoda:



PS. Sorry for my English.

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