Detecting memory leaks using JVisualVM and Memory Analyzer Tool

Few days ago I had a problem on one of the projects that I am working on, we observed that after a number of requests, ScriptEngine from Nashorn starts to work slower.  Everything which I’m going to talk about is not a rocket science, there’s no clever and tricky tips, it’s just a straightforward explanation

The Long Road

Choosing the next career step in such a diverse and fast-paced industry is not an easy task. But when it comes to our careers, there is no right or wrong. Or there is? How do we know? In this talk author will be talking about different career choices, how can we choose good companies to

Quick Sort

Quick Sort is a sorting algorithm that uses the principle “divide-et-empera” for sorting, it’s one of most used sorting algorithms nowadays. In 90’s there was discovered a defect in C implementation of quicksort that caused sorting complexity to be higher than expected one. The difference between quick sort and merge sort is that quick sort

Symbol Table

Symbol Table is a data structure used to store key-value stores, it is used by every compiler for almost every phase of compilation, starting with lexical analysis and continuing with optimization. They are collection of key-value pairs, where we can insert a value with a specific key, and search for a value given it’s key.

Medium range, low power, wireless transceiver

Few months ago I was thinking about a security system for my car that will allow to receive notification when my car is parked near my house. Requirements where: minim 700m communication range power consumption as low as possible that will allow to run at least 10 days from car battery without discharging battery so

Hash table (data structure)

“Hash tables” are one type of data structure, they are good at storing data in sets made up of “keys” and “values”. As an example let’s imagine the data in the next table storead as an array: We prepare few boxes for the array and stored data in them. Next let’s imagine looking up Stefan’s

tmux – utilizare generală, sesiuni, sesiuni shared

In video vorbesc despre tmux, sesiuni și sesiuni shared în tmux. Instalare tmux: apt install tmux Orice adresa către tmux începe cu: ctrl-b Comenzi utilizate: c – creare fereastra x – închidere fereastra , – redenumire fereatra o – navigare între ferestre ( care au fost create prin divizarea ferestrei curent split ) % –

Programming Books

I’m working as a developer for about 4 years, I have started by doing freelance in university ( I don’t count those years as years of experience – I was doing a lot of stuff with different technologies but didn’t used any of them deep ). I have read some books about programing, but in

Public information should be accessible

About two years ago, with a team of great people, we have implemented a platform that facilitates access to information about private companies. Country, where we living, have limited access to public data or public information is not easily accessible. Also in our country are about 250 000 of private companies and until 2014 public

MetalIO practical usage

About 1 year ago I have published on, the MetalIO project. It’s a project for enthusiasts who are passionated about home automation – you can write this project on a simple ESP8266 micro controller, do all the configuration from your mobile phone without need to install any special application. Also a very important aspect