Mobile printing with Android and Zebra printer

In my last project I used Zebra mobile printers to print data sent from Android devices.

In general there isn’t nothing hard to do, only one thing that I don’t like is that I have to install a big application to get the Zebra SDK ( you can find the SDK here ).

There are few simple steps that we have to do to get Android and Zebra printer connected:

  1. Add permissions to your AndroidManifest.xml
  2. In our Activity we have to get the BluetoothAdapter and BondedDevices
  3. Here is the code that can send data to printer
  4. Let’s suppose our printer is first in btList array. We can print some data by calling the print() method like this:

Here you can see how this works in real life:

Thanks to MemoExpress for printer.

8 thoughts on “Mobile printing with Android and Zebra printer

  1. Dear sir,

    I want to print from my Android app to Zebra Qln420 printer , model like in your video.

    Where i can find link for sdk, because this one doesn’t work,  and how to implement in my project ?

  2. Dear Sir,

    You can give me sample source code because i have the little difficult to connect zebra mobile printer iMZ320 and android device.

    I downloaded Zebra SDK but it doesn’t use BluetoothConnection.

    I don’t have this jar(‘com.zebra.sdk.comm.BluetoothConnection;’ ).

    Please, Can you give me share zebra_sdk including BluetoothConnection jar?



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